Telstra Integrated Messaging (TIM) Services

Utilities and energy

Business grade messaging platform for utilities and energy industry

Public Outage Notifications & Service Disruption Updates

Send powerful broadcast alerts, urgent incident alerts, announcements and awareness notifications for a wide array of situations, including outages, media relations, closures and other time-sensitive communications. Telstra Integrated Messaging's (TIM) 2-way capabilities enable automated opt-in programs which allow media and public stakeholders to subscribe to receive alerts for a wide variety of situations. Robust inbound messaging capabilities capture early warning alerts from the public community about service disruptions or hazards.

Incident Management & Worker Safety Comms

TIM is a sophisticated broadcast alerting system and stress-tested crisis preparedness solution which is used widely for incident management and automatically verifying the safety and productivity of remote teams. TIM combines SMS (texting), voice broadcast and email seamlessly to enable real-time broadcast alerting and 2-way incident management. Supervisors can trigger group or crisis alerts from their mobile devices by simply sending one SMS, with an optional “Are you ok?” safety solution that enables auto escalation when workers do not verify safety/status or check in at regular intervals.

Customer Account Services & Brand Loyalty

TIM is used widely for product announcements and customer account alerting. The powerful cloud platform can integrate with existing HR, CRM, WFM, BCP and ERP systems to extend real-time 2-way mobile alerting, and leverage existing online-managed customer lists and databases. TIM’s 2-way cloud-based admin portal enables communication to customers for important account payment information. Customers can use their mobile devices to take surveys, report service disruptions, or even update their own contact information and request a service or address change.

Why Telstra Integrated Messaging?

Telstra is your trusted and reliable communications provider. The Telstra Integrated Messaging (TIM) platform, is a suite of ready-to-use software applications that continues to automate and enhance how you work, every day. TIM has been used widely for more than 10 years by many of Australia’s largest and best-known energy, utilities and telecommunications companies.

Business Grade Platform

A proven, intelligent, geo-redundant and feature-rich software platform that currently delivers message volumes in excess of 50 million mission-critical messages a month worldwide. With demonstrated ability to handle volume spikes, maintain low message delivery latency and high platform availability.

Trusted & Award-Winning Brand with 24x7x365 Service

TIM is built on award-winning software and is integrated with Telstra network services to offer proven technical platform adaptability and stability to address the leading-edge messaging needs of financial institutions. TIM is backed by Telstra’s 24x7x365 highly available support team.

Platform APIs for complete customisation and integration

Flexible application framework enables just about any business messaging use case, and TIM’s “Smart APIs” extend 2-way messaging for leading financial institution administration systems, CRM systems, and well as various industry alerting and facility IT systems.

Integrates seamlessly with

Additional Uses for Utilities &  Energy Providers

Remote Logistics

Integrate SMS into existing IT and business systems and processes to enable automation and remote worker system interaction.

  • Enable workers to use SMS to confirm job completion by using keywords, such as “COMPLETED JOB 1234” 
  • Collect meter-reading messages from remote workers.
  • Use SMS for M2M and telemetry “Wake Up” in remote monitoring solutions using data channels, and for escalation and alerting when remote equipment goes down.
  • Allow workers to report their location, safety status and to communicate back to central IT systems for reporting issues or status of equipment.

Internal Communication

Integrate directly with existing calendar systems, scheduling systems, and databases to enable mobile messaging via IP, SMS, MMS, or voice broadcast to any mobile device, anywhere.

  • Send dispatch alerts such as re-routing and weather updates.
  • Send and confirm job vacancy notifications.
  • Enable workers to use mobile devices to log hours at the beginning and end of shifts.
  • Send reminders and confirmations for worker or HR training programs.
  • Send mobile reminders and automated schedule changes or updates.
  • Capture employee feedback route directly into corporate systems.

VPN Token Access

Deliver one-time-passwords via SMS to handsets to validate identity of online account holders.

  • Generate a unique security token which can be sent via SMS to your customers’ and employees’ mobile devices as a One-Time-Password (OTP) for 2nd form of online login identity authentication.
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for physical hardware security tokens.
  • Compatible with RSA SecureID, F5, Citrix, IBM and other 3rd-party OTP systems and can be used when RSA hardware tokens aren’t feasible or desired.

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