Telstra Integrated Messaging (TIM) Services

Mobile Messaging for Retail Operations

A proven mobile messaging solution for retailers and merchandising organisations

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TIM is a comprehensive 2-way mobile messaging delivered through a single user interface for inbound and outbound messaging via SMS and email and integrates with existing IT systems to help automate communication and workflow processes throughout a single facility or across multiple facilities for:

  • Operations and logistics
  • Critical incident management
  • Remote worker, field staff and mobile team collaboration
  • B2C mobile alerts
  • Account services alerts
  • One-time passwords (two-factor authentication)
  • System-integrated mobile messaging

TIM is built on the Soprano Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite, a proven intelligent, geo-redundant and feature-rich software platform that currently delivers message volumes in excess of 50 million mission-critical messages a month worldwide and has demonstrated its ability to handle volume spikes and maintain low message delivery latency and high platform availability.

Empower Retail Mobile Messaging

Reach your customers with the ubiquity of mobile messaging. TIM is a 2-way omni-channel messaging solution, providing a reliable and scalable customer experience.

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Retail Logistics & Operations Management

Telstra Integrated Messaging enables rapid broadcast notifications and 2-way SMS between remote workers at multiple retail locations. Send dispatch alerts to drivers for re-routing and weather updates, workers can use mobile devices to log hours at the beginning and end of shifts, or to report their location.

Distribution & Inventory Management

TIM is a proven messaging platform that integrates with existing logistics systems to automatically route information on shipments received at stores and distribution centres, providing visibility and daily reports.

Staffing & Shift Offers

Create unlimited worker pools and configure availability parameters. Automatically send automated SMS shift notifications to candidates, simply specify the shift details and select groups to be received from TIM. Automatic SMS reminders will ensure workers arrive for their scheduled shift.

Multi-Site Retail Facility Operations

TIM enables multi-site deployment and permissions management from a single, intuitive cloud-based portal. Advanced mobile messaging APIs & plug-ins integrate with your IT systems and extend broadcast SMS and email notification to your retail systems.

B2C High-Volume Mobile Messaging

Create opt-in SMS account management and B2C marketing programs using Telstra Integrated Messaging to automate reminders for customer loyalty announcements, account messages and promotions. TIM includes sophisticated tools for large-list management, multi-site deployments, permissions-based real-time reporting, and high-volume performance.

Use SMS for Customer Marketing

Integrate and consolidate SMS with your existing CRM systems and manage opt-in SMS programs to achieve a personalised customer experience. Enable retail or franchise locations to send promotions, discount offers, and announcements.

One-Time Passwords via SMS

Generate a unique security token which can be sent via SMS to your customers’ and employees’ mobile devices as a One-Time-Password (OTP). This OTP is then used as a 2nd form of login authentication for a low-cost way to capture a 2nd form of identity verification from your users.

Prevent SPAM and Fraud

Telstra Integrated Messaging can help you comply with SPAM rules and regulation to ensure your lists and customer experience remain positive. TIM’s powerful capabilities enable you to manage a whitelist (opt-in subscribe) and blacklist (opt-out unsubscribe), with additional sophisticated fraud-protection capabilities.

Manage B2C Mobile Alerts with TIM

Use SMS to send URLs to HTML pages that provide more information for your account holders and customers.

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Retail Staff Coordination & Training

Telstra Integrated Messaging can be used to enhance existing online systems to create new use cases such as One-Time-Passwords, 2-way Messaging, and Broadcast Alerting. TIM is used widely today as an integration with leading retail IT logistics systems, CRM systems, and various industry alerting and facility IT systems.

Business Continuity Planning

Create group lists and message templates in advance for regional retail workers, security agents, logistics operators, first responders, etc, for efficiency and ease of use. You can also import group lists and contacts from existing IT systems.

Critical Incidents

Add customised content to broadcast messages and use TIM to combine group lists, request delivery confirmations, and view real-time reporting during an event. Send ad hoc notifications anytime, or schedule automatic delivery of pre-written or pre-recorded broadcast messages.

Compliance Training & Safety

Telstra Integrated Messaging can be used by retailers for automation of training reminders, safety requirements and company-wide or individualised information and announcements.

Why Telstra

Telstra is your trusted and reliable communications provider. Powered by multi-award winning technology provider Soprano, with a suite of ready-to-use software applications that automate and enhance how you connect every day.

A proven messaging application

Communicate quickly and easily by sending and receive bulk SMS and MMS messages from your mobile phone or desktop.

Scalable solutions to meet your needs

Automate your marketing, operations, sales and finance communications using SMS, MMS, IP Messaging and email.

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Simplify your messaging across your digital platforms with a reliable and comprehensive messaging API.

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