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Telstra Integrated Messaging (TIM) is a proven mobile messaging solution for hospitals and healthcare organisations. TIM integrates inbound and outbound mobile messaging with existing IT systems to help automate communication and workflow processes across multiple facilities.

TIM is built on the Soprano Connect Messaging Suite, a proven intelligent, geo-redundant and feature-rich software. The platform currently delivers message volumes in excess of 50 million mission-critical messages a month worldwide, and has demonstrated ability to handle volume spikes and maintain low message delivery latency and high platform availability.

Mobile Messaging Solutions for Hospitals & Healthcare

Keep in touch with the people that matter the most to your business. Communicate with your customers, employees or stakeholders, with a range of simple, flexible solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

Crisis & Incident Management

During critical events, it’s important to get your message across and communicate with your staff in a timely manner. Telstra Integrated Messaging allows you to send workers safety check messages to validate if a worker is safe and can track responses and escalates if no responses received based on duration rules.

Patient Alerting

Engage your patients at scale in a cost-effective manner. Create unique two-way mobile interactions with your patients in real time. Integrate our platform with your existing database to create A2P patient reminders & notifications to boost engagement and appointment follow through.

Internal Notifications

Leverage the power of SMS to broadcast your messages to your internal staff. Create system-generated automated notifications or one-off messages to all of your staff. Create lists and take advantage of advanced reporting to track open and read rates.

Fast Communications

Telstra Healthcare Messaging provides a rapid broadcast notification system and 2-way SMS throughout the hospital.

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Emergency Response Management

Telstra Integrated Messaging enables ongoing communication during and after an incident, and includes an online broadcast notification portal to rapidly send time-sensitive information via SMS to pre-configured teams of hospital or healthcare workers.

Platform for Business Continuity Planning

Create message templates and group lists ( for your various hospital staff groups, doctor groups, specialists, and first responders, etc. Or, import group lists and contacts from existing hospital IT systems.

Urgent Response & Worker Safety

Trigger alerts from any web browser, on or off premises, at any time of the day or night. Broadcasts can be initiated using SMS from your mobile device. Quickly deploy, pre-configured, time-sensitive information to the right people from wherever you are.

Rapidly Adapt to Changing Circumstances

Customise broadcast messages,  combine group lists, request delivery confirmations and view real-time reporting during an event. Send ad hoc notifications anytime, or schedule automatic delivery of pre-written or pre-recorded broadcast messages.

Send SMS Reminders and Reduce Missed Appointments

Handle appointment changes and send automated appointment reminders to patients to improve failure-to-attend rates and shorten waiting list queues. SMS can remove the need for costly phone calls, and unlike some channels, SMS messages will reach your patients wherever they are with their mobile phones.

Reduce Appointment Queues and Wait Lists

Manage queues and reduce long wait lists  by using SMS to automate status updates and re-confirm appointments. Patients can interact with your systems via SMS to confirm or reschedule appointments.

SMS for Appointment Management

Reduce failure-to-attend rates by allowing patients to cancel, reschedule, or provide additional info right from their mobile devices. Responses are captured and automatically processed and updated in your scheduling systems.

Integrate SMS with Hospital Scheduling Systems

Telstra Integrated Messaging integrates with most hospital scheduling, calendar and contact database systems to extend your scheduling capabilities to include SMS as a tool for appointment management.

Send Automated Appointment Reminders

Handle appointment changes and send automated appointment reminders to patients to improve failure-to-attend rates and shorten waiting list queues.

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Hospital Staffing and Process Automation

Supplement your current staffing software with the TIM mobile platform to more easily share and fill open shifts for on-call staff, nurses, caretakers, temporary workers, and contractors with SMS messages.

Send Staffing & Shift Offers via SMS

Create unlimited worker pools and configure availability parameters for each candidate. Send automated SMS text messages as shift offers to candidates. Simply specify the shift details and tell TIM which groups to ask.

Reduce Manual Staffing Processes

TIM will only ask candidates who are available. To accept a shift offer, candidates simply reply to their SMS with a ‘Y’. TIM awards the shift to the first to respond, and politely notifies everyone else that the shift is filled.

Use SMS for Reminders & Confirmations

TIM sends automatic reminders to ensure shift candidates don’t forget they’ve committed to the new shift, which helps ensure that the shift is successfully covered.

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Keep in touch with the people that matter the most to your business. Whether you need to communicate with your customers, employees or stakeholders, we offer a range of simple, flexible solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

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