Telstra Integrated Messaging (TIM) Services

Telstra Integrated Messaging – TIM Advanced

TIM now has two separate offerings, TIM Base and TIM Advanced

Telstra Integrated Messaging (TIM) offers a set of sophisticated and innovative messaging applications designed to automate everyday communications. TIM Advanced includes all the easy-to-use web-based features of TIM Base with additional user consent controls, reporting capabilities and security.

Two-factor TIM portal via One Time Password

2-factor authentication for TIM portal via one time passwords (OTP)

Upgraded consent management

Monitor and control message frequency, opt-in and opt-out. Preferences are captured for blacklists and whitelists.

Advanced user reporting and visibility

Visibility and user licenses, account and sub-account addresses. Ability to export and schedule reports. 

Why Telstra

Telstra is a trusted and reliable communication provider with proven, higher-performance messaging solutions. TIM Advanced builds on that reputation as an evolving all-in-one suite.

Optimised messaging with TIM Advanced

With TIM Advanced your messaging tools are optimized to build trust and modernised to reflect the importance of data and compliance in your organisation.

TIM Advanced Package Inclusions:

TIM Advanced is an upgraded version of TIM Base. It includes all the functionality of TIM Base + Advanced features

  • NEW! 2-factor authentication for TIM portal users via one-time passwords (OTP)
  • NEW! Upgraded consent management
  • NEW! Advanced user reporting and visibility
  • Unlimited number of TIM sub accounts and activated users
  • SMS tool to send messages to contacts, groups, and lists
  • Ability to send large batches of SMS per minute 
  • Ability to send SMS messages of over 1400 characters in length
  • API access for sending and receiving messages, updating contact information, building subscription lists
  • Online portal for real-time visibility of message traffic
  • Access to comprehensive reporting on a daily, monthly, and annual data
  • Trusted availability and delivery Service Level Agreement 
  • Ability to request delivery receipts (where supported)
  • Hierarchy support and multiple user access control
  • TIM user portal to upload SMS message content and recipient lists 
  • Reporting on delivery status by notification type, subtype and region. Reports to track deliveries, failures, duplicates, cancellations, requests to contact provider, and missed activities. 
  • Summary reports of batch jobs, daily, monthly, and annually
  • MS Dynamics plug-in
  • Includes legacy SMS+

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