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TIM School Communicator

TIM School Communicator is a suite of applications for schools built on the Telstra Integrated Messaging (TIM) mobile platform. TIM School Communicator unlocks a collaborative 2-way mobile experience for the entire school community, including teachers, students, parents and staff.

Parent-Teacher dialogue

TIM can be used as a 2-way mobile communication system for truancy notifications to parents, organising school events, for parent-teacher communication, send automatic reminders and to communicate parent/student homework exercises.

Anti-bullying helpline

TIM’s anti-bullying helpline is 100% anonymous and allows students, parents or anyone else to send anonymous inbound texts to report bullying or other sensitive issues. 

Urgent alerting

TIM’s advanced broadcast alerting system is a comprehensive crisis preparedness solution for schools. Critical group lists are preconfigured, templates are pre-loaded so the system can automatically route time-sensitive information to the right people.

Create a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Many students and parents are reluctant to raise issues such as bullying and other sensitive topics with school administration out of fear of worsening the problem or being ridiculed.

Anonymity has been proven effective in encouraging reports of bullying and other crimes. TIM’s 100% anonymous helpline empowers students and helps to create a safer and more inclusive learning environment for your school.

100% anonymous

Messages are anonymous and cannot be traced by anyone back to the person who sent the message.

Immediately actionable

Messages are routed straight to school officials and are immediately actionable.

Real-time dialogue

2-way dialogue (100% anonymous) can be optionally initiated to obtain further detail from the sender.

Extend 2-way mobile communication to your school

Unlock a collaborative 2-way mobile experience for the entire school community.

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Rapid notification during unexpected events

Last-minute class schedule or outdoor event changes due to bad weather or incidents are full of stress and challenging to manage effectively without a communication plan. An unexpected threat to campus safety typically leaves very little time for ad hoc planning or response. A preparedness plan is essential, and technology can be a central element in the plan.


Create message templates and group lists in advance with different group lists for  students, teachers, first responder staff, parents, etc. Or, import group lists and contacts from existing school IT systems.


Trigger alerts from any web browser, at any time, whether you are on or off school premises. Customise content, combine group lists, and review requested delivery confirmations with real-time reporting. Automatically track responses, and escalate if no response is received based on duration rules you input.

Rapid response and follow-up

Preconfigure and quickly deploy time-sensitive information to the right people via their preferred mobile channel and provide ongoing communication after the event. Send ad hoc notifications anytime, or schedule automatic delivery of pre-written or pre-recorded messages to appropriate recipients.

Deepen the level of engagement within schools.

Collaboration between teachers, parents, students, staff and administrators is complex and challenging. TIM enables true two-way communication with mobile phones, tablets and laptops reduces this complexity and moves the school beyond traditional methods.

Online portal

Access the messaging portal from anywhere. Easily establish custom user permissions and role-based account views (admin-level, teacher-level, etc.).


Add 2-way messaging and alerting capabilities to almost any existing school or IT systems using TIM’s “Smart APIs” for integration.


Keywords such as “Debate Club” or “MySchool Info” can be used to provide instant information based on inbound query messages beginning with the appropriate keyword.


TIM enables one-to-one and one-to-many communication. Choose from SMS, MMS, Email, or voice broadcast for personalised delivery to each recipient’s medium of choice.

Smart Routing

Replies to messages sent to parents or students can be easily captured and routed back to the sender, or copied to the appropriate inboxes of others.


Messages and reminders can be scheduled in the system to be sent automatically at one or more times during the day, week or month.

Use & case studies

Boost the performance, safety and efficiency of your studees and employees with our streamlined messaging solutions. The Telstra Integrated Messaging (TIM) platform, powered by Soprano, is a suite of software applications that use SMS, MMS, Voice and email to automate and enhance how you work, every day.

Learning and events

  • 2-way student-teacher interaction after class ends.
  • Create quizzes, polls and surveys that reach mobile devices.
  • Remind students of upcoming tests or exams.

Parent communication

  • Notify parents of illness, unexplained absences or low attendance.
  • Send scheduled reminders or late-payment alerts.
  • Allow parents to subscribe to school event reminders.

School administrators

  • Last-minute class schedule changes.
  • Daily management and communication with school staff.
  • Organise sporting events, field trips, dances and off-site events.

TIM Integrates with numerous existing content and database systems.

TIM’s flexible application framework can enable most business messaging use case, and TIM’s “Smart APIs” extend 2-way messaging for leading enterprise education systems, CRM systems, and well as industry alerting and facility IT systems. Simplify your messaging across your digital platforms with a reliable and comprehensive messaging API.

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